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My book is out! on to the next one...

Updated: Apr 22

My book is live! On March 31st my book 'Crunching her Numbers', the love story of Kelly, Slava, and Ilan came out into the world.

For months, I have readied myself for this release, but when it finally happened–it was so much more exciting than I had expected. Also, extremely anticlimactic at the same time.

Go figure.

And now I need to move on and finish writing the next one.

My next book is called 'Analyzing her Assets' and it happens in the same ‘universe’ (hello Marvel), as my first book: The financial world of Tel Aviv.

The heroine, Tamar, is a financial analyst, who works for the largest money manager in Israel. And she is the best of them all. For the last three years she has won the in-house competition.

But this year–there’s a new talented analyst, Gideon, an annoyingly handsome guy, who gives her a run for her money.

As always, there will be steamy sex scenes. Spicy and original. I already wrote some of them. I have broad notions for a couple more, but could always use fresh ideas.

So, here is where I ask for your help:

Do you have a favorite fantasy (which involves only two people…), that you believe would make for a truly steamy scene? If you’re willing to share, I’d love to hear it. Needless to say, you’ll get full credit if I end up using it! Also, I'll share with you one of my new scenes for the book, and get your ideas on how to improve it (:

Email me at and let me know.

I wish you a Happy Passover, a Happy Easter, and Ramadan Kareem,


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