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A hard earned career. A man that adores her. She will risk it all to get at the truth. And her hidden desires.

Kelly is proud of her take-no-prisoners reputation. She considers it a badge of honor after spending years carving out a successful career in the male-dominated financial district of Tel Aviv. The only guilty pleasure she allows herself? Giving over to the magical hands of her masseur, the much younger, handsome Slava.

Slava longs for Kelly to see how much she means to him. When she offers him a no-strings-attached affair, he immediately says yes. With her in his arms, this could be his chance to show her he wants her... for keeps. 

Ex-special forces Ilan is investigating the biggest case of his career. Focusing his attention on the beautiful Kelly, he realizes he has use of her... in more than one way. He wants the strong-minded alpha female to bend to his will, and he's ready to introduce her to just how pleasurable that can be. 

Kelly’s brain tells her to run away from Ilan. Other parts of her body respond far more favorably to his commanding nature. Forced into a situation that could lead to her professional downfall, she feels more alive than ever as Ilan awakens her hidden desires.

With two men vying for her attention, Kelly soon learns that “no-strings” doesn’t mean letting go will be easy. Her career and her heart are now at risk, because Kelly can't bring herself to let either of her men go. 

“Crunching Her Numbers” is a super steamy why choose romance with a side dish of financial intrigue. It contains explicit scenes and a fierce heroine who’s willing to defy conventions. This is a standalone romance, with a happily ever after guaranteed, no cliffhangers.

Crunching Her Numbers Content Warning


The book contains explicit sex scenes and lite  BDSM. 

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