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Dafna Ohayon is a successful, beautiful woman who has everything under control at forty-five. Well, everything except her love life, that is. After her messy divorce six years ago, she’s been unable to climb beneath the covers with anyone else.

A night out at a pub brings her face to face with a tattooed bartender and a challenge from her girlfriends—hook up with the known player bartender to blow off some steam. Dafna agrees. What harm could come from a one night stand?

Erez Ben Ami is a CPA working at the largest accounting firm in Israel. He is looking to transfer to a more exciting position, and his boss seems on board. But there is one catch: he has to do a review of a startup that is looking for new investors. 

Their one night of passion implodes when they come face to face once more: he was merely filling in for his brother at the bar, and she’s a manager at the startup he’s supposed to be evaluating. He wants to back out, but she begs him not to—if he does, her startup is toast. If he doesn’t, his reputation will be ruined. 

After he agrees they have enough trouble keeping their hands off each other - and that's before he finds that her startup might be corrupt.


Contains explicit sex scenes. Mention of an elderly parent’s death.

Pullig Her Resources Content Warning
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