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Brilliant entrepreneur Avigail K’naani thrives in the cutthroat world of Israeli tech startups. Once a woman who played the field with the confidence of a queen, her heart was taken by Ronen seven years ago. He had enough charm and wealth to make her believe in the improbable: love and safety. But the dream has faded, and now, navigating the breakdown of her marriage, Avigail finds herself needing help at a crucial business bid, surrounded by military secrets and under the scrutiny of watchful eyes.


Ronen Cohen is determined to reclaim his lost marriage. Using deceit and lies, he worms into the position of her company’s advisor on an Israeli navy bid, and into sharing a room with her.  All he has to do now is make his wife fall in love and trust him again. 


But it soon becomes clear that this deal is rife with corruption, running to the highest levels. Ronen and Avigail must navigate the murky waters of high-stakes corporate espionage where emotions and misplaced trust could jeopardize their careers, their freedom, and everything they've built together.


Upping Her Stakes is a Marriage in Trouble Romance featuring forced proximity, fighting corruption, and lots of spice and banter. 


Coming soon!



Upping Her Stakes Content Warning
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