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Despite everything: Happy Hanukkah

Yesterday night was the first candle of Hanukkah.

The first Jewish holiday since October 7.

Exactly two months, 61 days, since the lives of every Israeli, and every Jewish person around the world have been turned upside down. For some more than others. There are casualties every day.

There are still 138 hostages held by the terrorists.

Ever since October 7, a black drape of darkness descended. It's a daily mission as well as a struggle to find light and purpose.

There is a famous Israeli song for Hanukkah that says:

Each of us is a tiny light,

And together we create a fierce light

(Kol ehad hu or katan, vekulanu or eitan).

And so, to transition from the collective to the personal, I both create and find light.

I joined the amazing women's organization of BonotAlternativa (women building an alternative) months ago, as they led the protest movement against the government’s unlawful legislation. Through them, I found a way to contribute: Twice a week, I cook for the wounded soldiers and their families in Shiba hospital. It's tiny, but it's still a light.

I also take care of my author business. Not with the same energy as before, but I zoom every day and work alongside my author friends. And that, for me, is another tiny light.

I get to light this candle with my husband and my children.

That's something that I took for granted and now I celebrate it. Every day.

Despite it all : Happy Hanukkah.

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