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Let's talk about Branding

When I first started my author career, I designed my website myself, using a WIX template. I thought it looked okay, but the site both reflected that I was not only a newbie author, but also a crappy web designer.

Last year I hired a professional designer, Nicole, and the first thing she wanted to know was my 'branding'.

Say what?

Branding is complicated, people. 'Mia Sivan' the persona is both similar yet different to the real person behind her.

I told Nicole that I was from Tel Aviv and that I write about my city, and she asked to see the city's logo.

Here it is - I know I'm biased but I think it's a good one. The emblem on the side was designed by Nahum Gutman, a famous painter who grew up in Neve Zedek, the first neighborhood of Tel Aviv. The circle was designed years later and it gives vibes of green green shaded avenues, a blue Mediterranean and sunny beaches:

Tel Aviv logo and emblem

Nicole sent me a mockup of a color palette based on Tel Aviv's branding and a possible logo for me.

I shared them with my group of author friends. We sit together every morning from Monday to Friday, so we share our opinions without prejudice, and the consensus was - No! The colors are wrong, and the logo looks like I run a health and diet website.

I got back to Nicole and we delved deeper. I shared with her some of the values that are important to me when I write my books.

  • Originality: avoid plagiarism, either intended or accidental.

  • Feminism: portray strong heroines.

  • A little financial education.

  • Try to educate about positive sex. Most of all I want my readers to get all hot and bothered in certain scenes and say: this is hot, and also I can try this in my bedroom with my partner! My branding and website should say: here is a spicy author.

Nicole sent me this color palette, and my group of friends gave it the okay:

The colors I chose: red, orange and yellow - warm colors to signify spicy content, and for the logo we went for a gradient effect.

Mainly my website is red, which is totally fine with me.

Have you ever sat down and managed your 'branding' and how you present yourself to the world? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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