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Three Ways to get a little Happier

Updated: Apr 22

It is a truth universally acknowledged that being angry is bad for your skin. In some recent newsletters, I shared with you my grievances. So, today, I’d like to give you three ways to become a little happier in this crazy-ass world.

First, watch Queenmaker on Netflix.

If you like Billionaires and Succession, then you're bound to love this Korean drama about a fixer who turns on her long-time, all-powerful employer. The story revolves around money, power, politics - the usual mix – but having an almost all-female cast is so refreshing. And it's so much fun to watch! I'm currently binge-watching it, and I'm loving every minute of it.

Second, drink with friends.

It’s amazing how meeting friends can boost my mood. I have six friends from when I worked in the capital markets. One was a chief of brokerage, another sold software to investment firms, and a third began her career as a bond trader, just like me. Our go-to spot is a fantastic restaurant in Levinsky market called Dalida. The food there is amazing (the spicy peppers and feta brulee is brilliant). We order liters of cocktails, eat almost all the menu, and catch up on gossip about old acquaintances from the market. Drinks and friends - never fails.

Third, grab a good book.

Specifically, my book. It will be a win-win: you’ll get to tour my city of Tel Aviv at the bargain price of 3.99$, and I’ll get some pay for my efforts. Everyone’s happy!

Seriously, though, my second book is (almost) in the house!

Just staring at this pretty cover makes me happy.

This book has two overachieving protagonists who can’t stop touching each other, cute puppies, and a high-stakes financial mystery to solve.

Advanced Review Copies have already gone out to some of you. The book will be published on May 14th, and here is the pre-order link.

Has anything made you happy this week? Hit reply and let me know.

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