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My name is Mia Sivan

I am  an Israeli woman who lives, works and loves in Tel Aviv. The city is as much a part of my books as any other character.

I worked as a senior investment manager for many years, and the books I write draw much from my personal experience, as well as real-life scams that took place in the Israeli financial market.

When not writing or dreaming up steamy scenes, I enjoy long walks by the beach (it’s Tel Aviv, it’s never too cold).

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Fabulous intrigue, polyamory and BDSM. If these aren’t your thing, this book isn’t for you. 

Amazon Review of Crunching Her Numbers


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Dafna is wealthy, stunning, and accomplished in her chosen career. She presents a shiny façade to the world. But the shameful truth is that she hasn't been able to become intimate with any man since her divorce, six years ago. 

Buoyed by drinks and her best friends she indulges in a thrilling one-night encounter with a young, tattooed barman. However, fate twists the game when he reappears as an accountant ready to scrutinize her company for influential investors. 

Now, with the stakes higher than ever, Dafna must maintain decorum and ethics. She can’t let the lines blur and risk everything she's worked so hard to achieve.

If only her body would listen to reason.

Pulling Her Resources is a steamy later in life romance, set in Tel Aviv, with a side dish of financial intrigue.

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