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Discovering Strength in Stories: Mia Sivan interviews for Joe Dimino in Famous Interviews

Joe Dimino interviewed me for his Famous Interviews Podcast.

I now have the links to share.

Listen on Apple or Spotify, or watch on YouTube:

If you prefer reading to listening and watching, here is a partial and edited transcript:


I would like to begin, before we get into your writing and your history, by asking you: four years ago, when we started this pandemic, no one really knew where it was going to go. So I'm curious, how did you make it through the pandemic, and how did it change you?


By the time the pandemic hit Israel in March 2020, I had already left my job as a VP of investments. I left in early 2019 to start a new career as a writer. So, when COVID hit, I basically continued doing what I did before—sat in front of my computer and wrote my books. Fortunately, we have a semi-detached house with a front and back garden, so I didn't feel as closed in as people living in apartments might have.


Well, that's good. That's kind of the way it was in Kansas City. You could get out, you could drive, and it was very spacious. But I think people in New York and other big cities had a more difficult time. So right now, in 2024, if I put you in front of a bunch of grade school kids, third graders, on career day, and one of the kids says, "Hey, what do you do for a living?" how do you answer that child?


My books are actually for adults, but I would tell them that I write stories where people meet, get to know each other, and have adventures. My stories often involve financial scams, so the two heroes solve mysteries together, fight crime, grow as people, and there's always a happily ever after.


I'm curious, I really enjoy your backstory. Of all the things you've done in your life, in your different careers, what are you the proudest of?


Career women with families often manage two careers: our professional career, for which we get paid, and the career of managing our home. While men may say they help with children, from my experience, it's usually women who handle the majority of home management tasks—not only cooking and being with your kids but also their itineraries, like play dates and carpooling. I consider this home management a second career, and I'm very proud of raising three great children and balancing these two careers for 30 years.


What is your motivation every day to write and evolve as a human?


The stories I write focus on strong women in the finance world. Romance novels often don't feature women in such professions, which are usually associated with billionaire men. By highlighting women navigating this cutthroat, male-oriented environment, I aim to tell their stories of overcoming challenges and finding love. I explore themes that are relevant to older readers. All my heroines are always in their mid-30s to mid-40s, reflecting the experiences of those ages. I don't think it's going to be very big on TikTok, but I'm writing to an audience who wants to read these kinds of stories.

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