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Do you have a Girl Squad?

I have less than a week before I fly to my first writers' retreat ever!

I’ll be sharing a villa in Crete with seven other contemporary romance writers, who are all like me - steamy, “open-door”, explicit kind of gals. I bet you'd want to be a fly on the wall of this villa, right? It sounds so glamorous, and I love telling people about it because the most common reaction is "wow, sounds incredible!"

The second most common reaction is "wow, you're really serious about this writing thing," which doesn't piss me off, not anymore. Because they're right.

I am.

One book is a fluke, but two books - that's real. And my second book is here! It's about Tamar, a financial analyst who, at the beginning of the story, is a driven career woman without friends or a life outside work. But, with the help of a girl squad and a newly adopted puppy, she finds love and success (and lots of hot sex).

You can pre-order my second book for just 3.99 USD right here.

Writing about girl squads is fun, and having a girl squad in real life is even better. My new chosen career differs greatly from my old one as an investment manager.

Two things stand out: 1. The romance author community is predominantly composed of women, and 2. They offer incredible support to each other. It is a far cry from the male-dominated and cutthroat culture I had to deal with when I worked in finance. I did have female friends, but they were few and far between, and we were not always able to assist each other. In my current industry, sharing and supporting one another with information, tips, and resources is common and generous.

If you're a reader of smut (which I assume you are, otherwise what are you doing here?), and you're looking for a community, then Facebook is great for getting information and building virtual communities through groups. Check out this great FB group - it's super supportive, non-judgmental, and has tons of reading recommendations:

For broader recommendations, including genres other than romance, check out The Bitchy Bookworms:

I'll see you here again after the retreat and my book's release. I promise I'll have interesting stories from Crete to share with you.

And if you haven't yet - check out my new book.

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