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I'm dropping the F bomb

On the first day of my first job as an investment manager, my then-boss asked me what I thought an investment manager’s non-negotiable values were? What were his duties?

Perform better than the markets, I answered.


Beat the competition.


Before I made a total ass of myself, my boss told me to think ethics, not investment decisions.

My three duties were: Skill, Prudence, and Loyalty.

I was required by law to make skilled, informed decisions (as in, read the damn prospectus and understand it before investing). To act with caution, i.e., prudence, in the best interest of my investors (my loyalty belongs to my investors, not to the firm).


When I decided to become an author, I made a very different, very personal list - my non-negotiables as an author. My duties to my readers.

These are my non-negotiables, and I'll always try to uphold them in my writings:

  1. I strive to be a feminist. Yes, folks, I dropped the f-word. I want to empower women through my books.

  2. The city of Tel Aviv will be part of my plots. I want readers to feel that reading one of my books is like taking a mini-trip through its streets and culture.

  3. Last, but certainly not least, I want to write steamy. Heart rates should climb, breaths should shorten. Ladies, I want you to be wet. Gents, get semi-hard. Read my scenes and go have passionate sex with your partner. Then I’d feel I’ve done my duty.

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