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I want to be like Jason Statham (Or: How I sat to write you a free holiday story)

Updated: Apr 22

I reached a very definite conclusion - I want to be like Jason Statham.

The other evening, while the England-France World Cup match was at halftime, I idly clicked the remote and landed on a 2008 movie - Death Race - on the action movies channel.

I had two reactions:

1. It’s a Jason Statham movie - how come I haven't seen it before?

2. I dropped the match, and watched it instead.

If a movie has Jason starring in it - I just want to see it - no questions asked.

Am I looking for beefier roles for women, a morality tale about global warming, or a discussion about the rise of the Alt-Right?

No, people, I do not. Not from my man Jason. I expect, and get tough, no-nonsense, nonstop, unapologetic fast-action films with a good plot, and intelligent acting. He delivers every time.

That’s my goal - to be like Jason Statham.

It's the simplest, easiest thing to do, right? Stick to what you know how to do, and do it well.

Readers should see the name Mia Sivan on a book cover and say:

"Neat! I’m going to get… "

Wait - what are they going to get?

I’m a newbie writer. I’m still unsure of my identity and what I bring to the table. I have only one book out, and I'm struggling to finish the second (the second book crisis is not a myth, folks).

Should I have steamy sex scenes in all my stories? Are all the books to be set in Tel Aviv? Do I write only about financial scams? Does everyone need to have a big cock?

You see the kind of questions I wrestle with.

Yet, for the coming holidays, I wanted the satisfaction of having another story out there for my readers. I sat and wrote a bit of (hot) fluff. Without worrying too much about “my identity” or “my voice”. Aiming only for pure fun in writing and hopefully in reading.

I hope you enjoy this short erotic story, which is set in Tel Aviv during the Hanukkah holiday. It has no financial scam in it, but plenty of family drama (and sex).

Ari and Iris have the perfect marriage. He likes to watch her with other men.

She loves to take part.

Now, she wants to become exclusively his. But she fears that on her own, she wouldn't be enough.

She plans a special decadent evening for them both, hoping it would be the perfect birthday celebration, yet dreading it will serve as the grand finale.

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