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Visit my city and my Writing den

I’m fully aware that the only tourists we get here now are Jews with strong connections to Israel - the kind who come over to celebrate Passover with family. That being said, Tel Aviv’s indomitable spirit is alive and kicking, and it remains, in my eyes, one of the best cities in the world. Here are three short recommendations about Tel Aviv in the Spring of 2024:

Best cheap street food chain: Hamiznon by Eyal Shani

Shani has opened restaurants around the world, but if you want the original, it’s right here in Tel Aviv. The chef has attributed his masterful handling of vegetables to his father, who was a vegan. Try the famous cauliflower and the smashed potato. My personal favorite is the string beans (in the pic).

A bunch of green string beans inside a white paper shaped like flat bread
string beans in lemon and garlic

Best cocktails and Happy Hour: Imperial Bar

Imperial is the winner of Drinks International magazine’s ‘Best Bar in Africa and the Middle East’. I’m not sure how stiff the competition was in this category, but It is, without doubt, the best bar in Tel Aviv. Bar Shira, one of the three owners, is known for sending undercover visitors to spy on the quality of his own places. I was there the other day and posted pictures on my Instagram.

The small museum you don’t want to miss:

I wouldn't leave the city without going to the Nahum Guttman museum.

Guttman lived in Tel Aviv and he held a special place in his work for documenting and preserving the beginnings of his home town. His museum is located in Neve Tzedek, and Gutman's paintings bring to life the appearance of the neighborhood, its events, its people and its houses. After completing your mandatory cultural portion of the day, stroll through the picturesque streets and enjoy the boutiques and restaurants.

I have a small Guttman hung right in front of me (a little hidden by my second monitor). It's very characteristic of the painter’s work, with its traits of naïve art. Here it is, plus a pic of my writer’s den.

I hope to see you soon - drop me a line when you're in Tel Aviv, and I'll gladly show you around.

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