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My first ever podcast interview!

I was a guest on the She Blurbs Podcast by Brook Nichelle.

I can tell you I was scared shitless beforehand. The pressure to articulate thoughts clearly, combined with the awareness of unknown listeners tuning in, was daunting. Adding to my anxiety was the fact that I have a foreign accent, and I feared potential miscommunication or a lack of clarity. However, the host, Brook, quickly put me at ease. With over 300 podcast interviews under her belt, she posed insightful questions and even chuckled at my lame jokes. Although it's evident it's my first interview, I believe it went okay.

Breakdown by minutes:

2:01: Talking about my first book, "Crunching Her Numbers": the real-life criminal that appears in it. Brook tries to guess which famous actors appear on the cover.

8:33: Delving into "Analyzing Her Assets", touching on themes of body positivity and my experience writing a curvy heroine (curvy is a challenging word to say in English).

13:09: Sharing insights into my new release, "Pulling Her Resources" and discussing the hardest scene for me to write.

20:50: Offering advice for new writers.

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