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Updated: Apr 22

Life here goes on as I and the people around me strive to find islands of normalcy—a struggle to regain a semblance of 'life as it was before.' And so my inbox is flooded with deals for Israel’s Shopping.IL, which roughly coincides with China’s Singles’ Day. This year, Shopping.IL is all about buying only blue and white: i.e, Israeli products.

Amid the November and Black Friday inbox frenzy, I won't be adding to the crowd. No emails from me trying to sneak into your already bustling inbox. However, I do have a small favor to ask.

A couple of months ago, I participated in a massive romance book promotion called 'Stuff Your Kindle.' This event, organized by bestselling author Zoe York was featured on the website '' The submitted books had to meet two prerequisites: 1) The participating book had never been offered before, and 2) The participating book was free on all platforms.

I offered, for the first and last time, my new(ish) book (released in mid-May):

The response was overwhelming : More than 3,000 (!) copies of my book were downloaded. I was truly happy, and hoped that it would result in numerous new reviews.

Yet, to date, I have less than forty reviews on the Amazon store.

If you picked up my book (I dropped the link twice in this newsletter when it was free), would you mind taking a moment — let's say, anytime between now and Monday — to toss a review on Amazon? Just a few words would be fantastic.

You could always follow in Eric's footsteps, who rated the book five stars and said:

"This is a romantic romance that depicts Tel Aviv in a very cool light. Fun read, highly recommended!"

Thank you, Eric, it is a romantic romance, and Tel Aviv really is super cool!

Here's another excerpt from a review by Renee H:

"It’s a lovely romance, with the right amount of steam, and plenty of adorable puppies. You can never have too many puppies. The backdrop of the Tel Aviv financial district was very cool. I’m looking forward to reading more of Mia's books."

Thank you so much!



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